Schefflera Elegantissima

{ False Aralia }


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About Maryam

A native of New Caledonia, Maryam, better known as the false aralia, can grow up to 15 metres tall in her natural habitat. Rest assured she won't get anywhere near as big as that as an indoor plant.

She's an easygoing, unassuming type that will bring a bit of understated elegance to your home or office. Her fine stems have leaves like starfish, which come in solid dark green or with delicate white edging.

Maryam the False Aralia likes...

The more the better. She'll be happy as can be in a bathroom. Alternatively, mist her frequently.

Lots of light
Maryam the false aralia likes to bask in bright, indirect light. An east or west facing room would be perfect.

Moist conditions
False aralia need moderate watering. Give her a drink when the top inch of soil is dry and mist her to provide humidity.

Top Tip
She likes good air movement, so would prefer not to be in a stuffy room. As we all do sometimes, she needs his space.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Schefflera Elegantissima

False aralia

Plant type

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe
Mildly toxic to pets and humans

Nursery pot size