Panicum Virgatum Northwind

{ Upright Switchgrass }


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About Virgo

Virgo is a tall, proud switchgrass that will add height to any outdoor plant display. While a lot of grasses grow in a gently floppy way, this guy grows very upright. Group several of these large plants together to create a soft backdrop for the rest of your urban jungle.

Switchgrass is very low-maintenance and able to tolerate periods of drought as well as unexpectedly wet weather. This native of North America has a cool green-blue colour that fades to a warm brown as we get toward winter.

Virgo the Switchgrass likes...

Full sun
Without the light he loves, Virgo the switchgrass may start to look droopy. Nobody wants that, so give him a sunny spot.

Moist soil
This is low maintenance plant will cope with occasional drought or too much rain, but likes to be kept slightly moist.

An occasional feed
He will enjoy an occasional feed, but don't feed him too much or he may wilt.

Top tip
Keep switchgrass growing really healthily by chopping him back very early in the growing season. He'll take a pretty aggressive haircut and come back stronger.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Panicum Vergatum Northwind

Upright switchgrass

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