{ Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus; Morning light; Maiden grass }

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About Misty

Misty is an elegant grass that is perfect for a minimalist contemporary garden - her delicate tufts of look beautiful planted in a row and unlike many other varieties of Miscanthus, Misty is happy in both sun and shade.


Current height including plastic pot: 70-90cm Pot size: 2L
Maxmimum height: 150cm


Misty enjoys the sun's rays so plant her in as sunnier spot if possible. Having said that this particular variety of Miscanthus is happy in a shadier spot too.


Sogginess so make sure she is planted with a good drainage material at the bottom so she can drain off any excess water. Follow our guide for how to best plant out your outdoor plants. 

Looking after this plant 

Miscanthus grasses are generally very easy to care for once they have settled in although as with any container plant, keep them watered on a regular basis - once every few days in the drier, months and reduce this in the autumn and winter when mother nature takes over. Give them a trim in the early spring to make way for new growth.  

Living with pets and children

Misty's roots are toxic if consumed.