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About Mia

Although many people consider Mia to be a quintessentially British plant, she was first discovered in the Caribbean in 1696 - but is now well and truely adapted to the British climate. Mia's green foliage is bejeweled in spring with dozens of brightly coloured pink and purple pendent flowers which flower between March-October.


Current height including plastic pot: 80-90cm
Maximum height: 120cm


Mia favours a sunny aspect however she won't mind a partially-shade spot.


Wind as this can knock Mia right off her feet! Make sure you place her in a sheltered spot.

Looking after this plant 

Fuchsias like to be well-watered especially during hot weather. To keep the Fuchsia blooming for as long as possible make sure you remove his dead flowers from the plant - they should pop off nicely. Here's our guide of how and why you should deadhead your flowering plants.

Living with pets and children



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