Crassula Perforata

{ String of Buttons; Necklace Vine Plant; Pagoda Plant }

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About Pearl

Pearl gets her common name from the way her leaves look strung together. Native to South Africa, she does brilliantly in most climates and is super easy to grow.

If you keep Pearl happy she'll grow quickly, adding a few inches per year. She'll also reward you by developing a pretty pink tinge to her soft green leaves.

Pearl the String of Buttons likes...

Lots of sun
Pearl craves the South African sun. Since we can't offer that, give her as much light as possible by situating her close to a window.

Infrequent watering
As a succulent, Pearl holds a lot of water in her leaves and only when the top inch of her soil is completely dry.

Top tip
You can propagate new plants pretty easily. Just cleanly cut off a leaf and lay it flat on well-drained soil and mist it occasionally until it roots.

Quick Facts

Botanical Name
Crassula Perforata

String of buttons, necklace vine plant, pagoda plant

Plant type

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/Baby safe

Nursery pot size