Canna Lily

{ Canna Eric Neubert }

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About Eric

Eric, deriving from the tropics of South America, is a tropical plant that will bring a vibrant pop of colour to your space and looks lovely planted amongst other tropical-looking plants such as our luscious grasses and palms that feature in the exotic collection.


Current height including pot: 70-90CM; Pot width: 5 Litre

Eric's leafy green foliage is adorned with orange-red lily spikes that flower between July-October each year. He's a fast-grower and can reach up to 1.8m tall however if planted in a medium-sized containter he shouldn't grow much beyond 1.2 metres.


Two things that will make Eric a happy man are sun and water so place him in a spot that receives the sun for a few hours a day (when it's out!) and water him freely in the summer months - once every 1-2 days in dry conditions.


Strong winds and excessive winter wet so pop him in a sheltered spot.

Looking after this plant 

Water on a regular basis to keep the soil moist to the touch over the flowering period and reduce over winter. To keep Canna lilies in bloom for longer, remove fading flowers by pinching them off at the base of the flowerhead so they can focus on producing new flower buds rather than keeping spent flowers alive.

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