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About Carmen

Despite the dozens of flowers that cover her trailing stems, Carmen is an incredibly easy plant to look after and therefore perfect for the first-time gardener. The name 'million bells' refers to the purple trumpet-shaped flowers that will trail happily from pots, containers or hanging troughs.


Current height including plastic pot: 5-10cm
Maxiumum height: 30cm  

Trailing green foliage that is covered with purple flowers between June-October. 


Carmen likes her soil to be kept moist so make sure she's watered frequently, particularly in the height of summer.


Deep shade so make sure she gets at least a few hours of direct sunlight a day. 

Looking after this plant  

Carmen is known as a 'self-cleaning' plant so won't require dead-heading as she takes care of it herself!  

Planting this plant 

We recommend planting 3 'plug' plants in a 20cm pot or 8 'plug' plants in a small trough.

Living with pets and children

Carmen is non-toxic.