Begonia Nonstop

{ Tuberhybrida begonia 'nonstop' }

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About Bea

As far as flowering plants are concerned, Bea is one tough cookie who will require very little attention, sunlight and in return will reward you with colourful blooms throughout the spring and summer. This 'nonstop' variety of Begonia refers to the fact that given the right conditions of heat and light, little Bea can flower 365 days a year - although more typically she is in flower between May-September so there's still plenty of time to enjoy her double-flowered displays.

Availability & Details 

Current height including plastic pot: 10-15cm
Maximum height: 20-25cm

Bea has leafy green pointed leaves which in turn, point in the same direction as the creamy yellow flowers will come into bloom.


Bea is happiest in a spot receiving both sun and shade throughout the course of the day.  


Strong winds so try to keep her in a fairly sheltered spot.

Looking after this plant 

Bea likes her soil to dry out a little between waterings so allow the top inch or so to become dry to the touch before watering - she will let you know if she's lacking by starting to droop. 

Bea is known as a 'self-cleaning' plant so won't require dead-heading as she takes care of this herself! 

Living with pets and children 

Bea is toxic if consumed. 

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