Astrantia Major Red

{ Melancholy Gentleman; Masterwort; Hattie’s pincushion }


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About Giles

This outdoor plant's name is derived from the Latin 'aster', meaning star, and he'll definitely be a star in any garden, bringing a little burst of bright colour with his zingy flowers.

He'll do his best if you keep his soil always moist between early spring and autumn, and put him in a spot with plenty of sun and shelter from harsh winds. An extra bonus is that bees find him very attractive. And who can blame them.

Giles the Astrantia likes...

Sun and shelter
Giles likes a nice bright spot with lots of light, but make sure he's sheltered from high winds.

Lots of water
This outdoor plant won't be happy in dry conditions. He likes lots of moisture but good drainage.

To encourage continuous flowers through summer, remove any blooms as they start to fade - use a pair of clean secateurs or scissors.

Quick Facts

Botanical Name
Astrantia Major Red

Masterwort, Hattie's pincushion, melancholy gentleman

Current height (including pot)

Pet/Baby safe

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