Siam Tulip

{ Curcuma Alismatifolia }


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About Megan

Although named Siam Tulip, Megan is actually part of the ginger family. She originates from parts of Southeast Asia and is fairly easy going for a flowering houseplant. She's a great addition to a steamy kitchen or bathroom with her striking pink flowers.


Estimated height (including pot): 45-55cm
Nursery pot width: 14cm


Megan likes lots of indirect sunlight, and can even thrive in the shadier places in your home.


Too much direct sunlight. She also doesn't like getting cold so be sure to keep her in a warm environment.

Watering and feeding

Megan prefers moist soil that dries out a little but not too much between waterings. She also likes a humid environment - if you're lacking you can create this by giving her leaves a regular spritz using a plant mister. She would appreciate some plant feed in the spring and summer months. Less water is needed the winter months and Megan may lose some foilage over winter which will regrow in spring. Trim off any dead or damaged leaves.

Living with pets and children

Toxic if ingested.