Indoor Plants

Bring your home to life with one of our lovely house plants. Whether you're looking for a large statement plant for your living room, a table-topper for your bedroom, or a bit of green for your bathroom, we’ve got you covered.

First-time plant parent? Check out our collection of low-maintenance house plants and mixed succulents. Flat dwellers should also check out our shade lovers and air purifying plants.

Once you’ve found your new friends, get them some nice indoor plant pots and plant stands so they look their best.

Best Indoor Plants

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Plants for the bedroom

It’s the green of your dreams: these indoor house plants have air-purifying powers that are said to help you sleep better. Our selection of bedroom-ready plants mix the beneficial — like the toxin-smashing snake plant (or Susie) — with the decorative, like the heart-shaped Philodendron scandens (or Phil).

Found something you like? Grab some nice indoor pots and plant stands to put them in.

Plants for the living room

A bit of green makes life better. Our living room collection includes a special selection of toxin-busting house plants — like Rick, a corn plant that removes formaldehyde from the air, or Rob, a low-maintenance rubber plant with air-purifying powers.  

Once you’ve picked your favourite friends, dress them up with our indoor pots and plant stands.

Plants for the bathroom

Indoor house plants like to get clean, too — the humidity from the shower keeps them happy by mimicking their tropical homes. Our bathroom collection has the best plants for this space: low-maintenance, humidity-loving friends that’ll bring bath time to the next level.

We also have a selection of indoor pots and plant stands for your new green pals.

Plants for the kitchen

Most people just use the kitchen for cooking, and we think that’s a waste — our selection of kitchen-ready indoor house plants bring a bit of beauty to an unloved space.

Once you’ve found your new friends, get them some nice indoor pots and plant stands so they look their best.

Plants for the corridor

Fill a space, even the tightest spot, with a plant. Our selection of compact indoor house plants and small succulents can squeeze in anywhere — a corridor, staircase, landing, or any empty corner that needs some love.

Need some indoor plant pots and plant stands for your new pals? We’ve got those, too.

Plants for the study

Plants are power for your brain. Research has found that a bit of green can improve productivity and purify the air of household pollutants. Our collection of concentration-boosting indoor house plants will turn the focus on in your office or study.

Once you’ve decided on your plants, get your new pals some pots and plant stands to help them look their best.