Tiarella Pink Sky Rocket

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About Tia

Tia is a true gem of the shade loving plants - her star-shaped white-pink flowers rise above her green and purple-brown speckled foliage.


Current height: 25-35cm
Maximum height: 40-50cm 

Tia blooms between May-July and again in the early autumn after having a breather at the height of summer. During the autumn and winter her leaves will stay leafy and green. 


Tia loves her soil to be kept moist so make sure she's well watered.


Lots of wind so make sure she's placed in a sheltered spot.

Looking after this plant 

As well as keeping Tia well watered, to ensure she blooms for the longest time possible, remove spent flowerheads by simply pulling off the whole stem at the base of the plant - they should just pop off! This will allow her to focus her efforts on new growth rather than trying to keep spent flowers alive. 

Living with pets and children

Tia is non-toxic.