Scabiosa Columbaria

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About Flo

Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Flo is a pretty lady with a laid-back personality. Her long blooming period (from the beginning of spring until frost) leaves her ample time to show off her amazing flowers, which look like little pincushions surrounded by frilly, vibrantly-coloured leaves. Her blooms are also super nectar-rich, making her a favourite snack for lots of buzzing things. Her Latin name comes from the word scabies, which means 'the itch' - a reference to her rough leaves, which can supposedly be used to tackle itchy problem areas. We'd just stick to a back scratcher, though.

Quick Facts:

Botanical name: Scabiosa columbaria

Nicknames: Pincushion Flowers, Pincushions

Plant type: Herbaceous perennial / outdoor

Toxic?: Non-toxic

Current height: 30-40cm

Nursery pot: 17cm

Pro level: Easy

How to Care for Flo (Pincushions)

The basics

She needs to be planted in very well-drained soil - try our multi-purpose compost. Flo won't tolerate wet or boggy conditions, so stay away from clay soils.

Flo will thrive in full sun, but won't mind a few hours of afternoon shade.

She's moderately tolerant towards drought, but will appreciate a drink if it hasn't rained in a while. Check to see if her soil is moist before showering her; if the top few inches are dry, then you can give her some H2O.

Going the extra mile

She'll appreciate it if you snip her dead flowers throughout growing season. Though the sickly blooms can look similar to healthy ones, they'll be lighter in colour and dry to the touch. Snip the flower stock right at a leaf node with a pair of sanitised secateurs or scissors.

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