Pittosporum Tobira

{ Japanese pittosporum; Australian laurel; House-blooming mock orange }


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About Brad

'Brad' Pittosporum Tobira is an attractive, fragrant and practical addition to the garden, who comes into his own on windy site as his elastic-like stems can withstand a real battering.


Originating in the Far East, Brad has an evergreen body of leathery leaves that provide the backdrop to a canopy of jasmine-like flowers during Summer. He can grow up to 20cm per year, or half that if planted in a pot.

Plant height: 100-120cm. Pot size: 20L


Enjoys a west- or south-facing plot that provides direct or partial sunlight. Popular as a screening plant on balconies and terraces due to his flexible stems that can diffuse strong winds.


Too much water. Brad can stay thirsty for longer than most. Be sure not to plant him in too damp a site.

Looking after this plant

No routine pruning required but if you need to pare him back, do so at the end of Winter or beginning of Spring. If he's to be planted in one of our 40cm pots, he'll need one of these 60L bags of multi-purpose compost.

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