Lithodora Diffusa

{ Heavenly Blue }

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About Libby

Small but mighty, Libby is a low-to-the-ground plant with a hardy personality. What she lacks in height, she certainly makes up for in beauty: we love her amazing, star-shaped flowers that bloom in an eye-catching electric blue from late spring to early autumn. In Ancient Greek, 'lithodora' means 'stone gift', which refers to Libby's preferred home in the wild. You'll find her brightening up the shrubby areas and woodland of southwestern Europe and parts of the Mediterranean, as well as gardens across the country.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Lithodora diffusa

Nicknames: Lithodora 'Heavenly Blue', Purple Gromwell

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Current height: 17 cm

Nursery pot size: 10cm

Pro level: Easy

How to care for Libby (Lithodora)

The basics:

Libby prefers full sunlight, though she'll also be ok in partial shade.

She likes her soil to stay moist, so give her a drink if it hasn't rained in a while, but make sure her soil is dry before you douse her.

Going the extra mile:

Give her a trim immediately after flowering with a pair of sanitised scissors/shears, cutting away sickly branches and blooms so that she stays healthy and happy.

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