Chilli Plant


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About Anthony

Is it getting hot in here? Anthony is that kick you need in your home cooking. This fiery dude will will be happy growing in a small pot or a larger container with some other friends - such as our other veg and herbs!

Quick facts

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic (but keep young tastebuds away!)

Current height: 40 cm

Nursery pot size: 14cm

Pro level: Medium

How to care for Anthony (Red Hot Chilli)

Make sure his soil stays moist and that he gets plenty of sun (at least six hours per day).

Anthony is a pretty happy being outside so long as it's not too windy, although he will reward you with some extra fruits if you place him in a greenhouse or conservatory. Just make sure not to switch between the two, as it may give him a bit of a shock.

Generally, Anthony can take over two months to ripen, depending on his growing conditions. Once his fruits feel quite firm and turn a fire hydrant-red or sometimes a bright orange, you can pick 'em off and enjoy.