Celosia Caracas

{ Cock's Comb }


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About Carrie

Carrie, our Celosia Caracas, provides a lot of impact for very little effort. When she flowers, she erupts in intensely purple, fuzzy flowers.

She's incredibly easy to take care of. She prefers sunlight but can happily live somewhere a bit more shaded. She'll cope if her soil dries out a bit, though she'd prefer to be watered when her top couple of inches of soil have dried. The only thing she asks is that you don't water her too heavily.

Carrie the Celosia Caracas likes

Carrie, our woolflower, is at her happiest in sunlight but won't mind somewhere that's a little more sheltered.

Moderate watering
Water your Celosia when the top couple of inches of soil are dry. She'll suffer if watered too heavily.

Occasional feeding
It's not essential, but woolflowers will enjoy a feed every now and again.

Top tip
Silver cock's comb can be fast growers, so give her room to stretch out by repotting her every couple of years.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Celosia Caracas Deep Purple

Silver cock's comb

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe

Nursery pot size

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