Bacopa snowflake

{ Ourisia snowflake; Sutera diffusus snowflake; Snowflake water hyssop }

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About Noëlle

If you're the type to press your nose against the window, eagerly awaiting the first snowfall, then Noelle just might be the gal for your garden. From June through October, she'll blanket her garden bed or pot with cascading blooms the colour of freshly-fallen snow, so you can have that soul-soothing white Christmas feeling all year round (Noelle comes from the French word for Christmas, which we thought was fitting).

Noelle has often been used in herbal medicine, particularly Ayurvedic tradition in India, to improve memory and comprehension. She's also been said to help reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a good night's sleep.

Quick Facts:

Botanical name: Bacopa Snowflake

Nicknames: Water hyssop

Plant type: Trailing annual or perennial / Outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Current height: 15-25cm

Nursery pot: 13cm

Pro level: Easy

How to care for Noelle

The basics:

Noelle loves being kept in a hanging trough or atop a surface which allows her waterfall of blooms to spill down. When transferring her from her nursery pot, fill her new home with our multi-purpose compost.

She likes the sun, but a spot that gets some shade in the the mid-afternoon heat would be ideal. Dappled sun or partial shade will also suit her fine.

Noelle is amphibious, meaning she loves soggy, boggy conditions (kind of ideal for our wet weather). Her soil should always be damp, but not wet, so give her water if it's not been a rainy season.

Give her some plant feed once a week to keep her blooms nice and full.

Going the extra mile

She can sometimes be prone to attracting pesky aphids. If you see any, treat her with neem oil to keep them away.