African Daisy

{ Osteospermum }

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About Oscar

We think you'd be hard-pressed to find anybody who doesn't like daisies, and Oscar here is a cut above the simple fan-favourite. Hailing from Africa, he prefers hot, dry, climates and plenty of sun, a factor that seems to have infused his petals with vibrant hues that we think deserve a larger canvas to play with. This guy blooms bright for the length of a summer - if you're lucky, he may come back next year.

But back to his good looks - we've got three colours of Oscar, ranging from a milky, almost-white lilac with a royal purple center to a thoroughly striking fuschia, to sunny canary yellow with a golden center. If given the room, he'll spread out into a pretty carpet of blooms in spring and summer, and his stalks can get up to five feet high. He'll also do just fine potted on the balcony or even inside in a spot that gets sun.

Quick Facts:

Botanical name: Osteospermum

Nicknames: African Daisy

Plant type: Flowering annual/ half-hardy perennial / Outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Current height: 20-30cm

Nursery Pot: 10.5cm

Pro Level: Easy

How to care for Oscar

The basics

Oscar likes plenty of sun - find him a spot that's dry and hot.

Make sure his pot is well drained - if you're transferring him out of his nursery pot, line the new soil with drainage material before topping with our multi-purpose compost.

Oscar is fairly tolerant to drought.

Going the extra mile

Encourage his blooms to be extra bright by giving him some plant food in the spring. He'll do fine in most types of soils - but he appreciates a little extra kick of nutrition.