Tillandsia Xerographica

{ Air Plant; Airplant }


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About Talia

Often dubbed 'the Queen of air plants', Talia is a chilled-out specimen who loves to just hang out in the sun. She comes from semi-arid areas of central America, where you'll find her growing on high branches in the forest. We love her silvery-green colour and laid-back approach to care.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Tillandsia Xerographica

Nicknames: Xerographica

Plant type: Epiphytic perennial / indoor

Plant Size (including pot): 15-20cm

Toxic?: Non-toxic

Pro level: Easy

As an airplant Talia does not come with a pot, as she has no soil!


She may be called an 'air plant', but Talia also needs water and sun to survive. To give her some H2O, try dunking her in water every week in summer, and then every three weeks in winter. Keep her in for an hour or so, shake her out, and then place her upside down on an absorbent towel until she's completely dry. You can also mist her thoroughly 2-3 times per week

Talia is a serious sun-basker who will appreciate lots of bright light. Try placing her in a sunny room, like a conservatory or a living room with big windows