Best air-purifying indoor plants

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They’re not just pretty faces — house plants are also pretty nifty air purifiers. This is big news for city dwellers, since we spend more than 90 percent of our time indoors. Toxic chemicals drift into the air from furnishings, upholstery, building materials and cleaning products, making indoor air quality less than squeaky clean.

Indoor plants can help fight these nasty toxins by absorbing them alongside the carbon dioxide they need to survive. Through the process of photosynthesis (primary school science, anyone?), they transform those toxic particles into lovely, pure, healthy oxygen which they then release into your home.

NASA looked into which plants are the best at filtering out common household pollutants — here are the ones that made the cut.


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Air-purifying superstars

Ben, well-known as the weeping fig, is a super popular house plant with magical air-purifying powers. Give him a bit of TLC, and he’ll grow tall and strong. Although he doesn't produce any flowers, his leafy foliage makes him a firm favourite.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your leaves. Rapunzel the golden pothos has irresistible green-and-yellow heart-shaped locks, which drape beautifully from a bookshelf, fridge or staircase. But pollutants, be warned: if you cross her, you’re done for.

An icon of the house plant world, Effy — our English ivy — is secretly a pollution-busting star. Her lovely white-and-green marbled leaves not only look good, they’ll also pick up all those nasty pollutants from the air. Plus, she’s pretty chilled out, so if you miss the odd watering, she won’t be too miffed.

Rob the Ficus elastica is a great starter plant for new plant parents. Not only is he super easy to look after, he’s also ruthless with airborne toxins — pollutants don’t stand a chance with this handsome lad around.

Fleur the Anthurium (a.k.a. the ‘trail flower’ or ‘flamingo flower’) is a magical plant that blooms with lovely red flowers for 300 days a year — adopting her is like buying yourself a bouquet every day. How’s that for self-appreciation?

Our amazing corn plant, Nick, is a real stunner. Take good care of him, and he might reward you by growing small, white flowers. He’s also a great pollutant-zapper, removing all kinds of nasty things from the air.

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The best air-purifying plants for you

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