Bird of paradise

{ Strelitzia Reginae; Crane Flower }


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About Reggie

Reggie, originating from the coast of South Africa, is reknowned in the plant world for his striking, vibrant flowers set against his banana shaped leaves. In the wild his strong stature allows tropical birds to perch atop his leaves and feed off his nectar, whilst his flowers, said to be shaped like birds of paradise in flight, are sure to set your home alight with bright orange and blue when they come into flower.


Estimated height (including pot) and spread: 140-160cm tall by 80-100cm wide

Despite his hefty height, Reggie is a slow grower so shouldn't grow much beyond his current height unless he is repotted.


Reggie is a sun-worshipper who is happiest placed in a spot with bright light. He also thrives in humidity so a kitchen will be perfect. If given a choice, in the hotter summer months, Reggie loves to be placed outdoors so he can feel the breeze between his leaves.


Reggie is not a fan of the cold so try to keep him in temperatures above 10-12degC.

Looking after this plant

Keep Reggie's soil slightly moist throughout the spring and summer by watering him 1-2 times per week and reduce to allow his soil to dry out between waterings in the autumn and winter. Apply a liquid fertiliser once every two weeks in the spring and summer to help promote growth.

Living with pets and children

Reggie can be mildly toxic to cats and dogs if eaten in large quantities.

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