Bird of paradise

Strelitzia Reginae; Crane Flower

Why we love Reggie

A dramatic, very large plant, Reggie has the most extraordinary flowers you’ll see on an indoor plant. He’s something very special.

Bright light
Drama queen
The patch promise

If you have the space, and are able to move him, he’ll enjoy spending a warm summer outside. Make sure to bring him in before the weather turns frosty.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Strelitzia reginae


Bird of paradise; Crane flower

Plant type


Air purifying


Plant height (including pot)


Pet/baby safe

Mildly toxic if consumed

Nursery pot size


About bird of paradise

No prizes for guessing how this plant got its popular name. Its flowers are gorgeous and from a distance look a bit like birds of paradise. Native to South Africa, it’s a real high-impact plant, with leaves that can grow up to 200cm long (in the wild it could grow almost four-metres tall). It’s so large that in the wild it’s pollinated not by insects but by birds. Sunbirds, to be exact. 

British weather conditions aren’t warm enough for it to live outside year-round, but it does very well as an indoor plant. As long as you treat it well you can expect to be rewarded with those impressive flowers in winter and spring. Encourage flowering by feeding it once a month in spring and summer. 

Make sure you give it plenty of room to grow. This bird of paradise likes to spread its wings. 

Did you know?

The bird of paradise plant is so revered in South Africa that it’s featured on the 50 cent coin.

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