Bay tree

{ Laurus Nobilis; Poet's laurel; Roman laurel; True laurel; Victor's laurel }

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About Laura

Native to the Mediterranean, Laura is a timeless plant with a rich history: she was prominent in Ancient Greek culture, where she was named for the mountain nymph Daphne. In the myth of Daphne and Apollo, Apollo fell in love with Daphne, but she wasn't into it. She asked Gaia (Mother Earth) to help her ditch him, and Gaia transported her to Crete, leaving Laura in her place. The heartbroken Apollo made wreaths out of Laura's foliage to console himself.

In Ancient Greece, wreaths made from Laura's leaves indicated high status. Her symbolism carried over to the Romans, who associated her with immortality, victory, and health. We love her aromatic, leathery leaves that - surprise! - are completely edible. Pop bit of Laura in stews and curries to lend them some flavour. As if she weren't lovely enough, she's also super low maintenance and can grow in a container for 10-15 years.

Quick Facts

Botanical name: Laurus nobilis

Nicknames: Bay Tree / Pyramid

Plant type: Evergreen shrub / outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Pro level: Easy

Current plant heights including plastic pot:

Bay Pyramids:
Plant height (including pot): 70-80cm; Nursery pot width: 25cm
Plant height (including pot): 120-130cm; Nursery pot width: 25cm

Bay Trees:
Plant height: 70-80cm; Nursery pot width: 17cm
Plant height: 130-140cm; Nursery pot width: 25cm
Plant height: 150-160cm; Nursery pot width: 25cm

How to Care for Laura (Bay)

The basics:

Laura loves to bask in the sun, but she'll also tolerate partial shade.

Don't water her too frequently, as over-watering her could cause damage to her roots. Let her soil dry out before you give her a shower.

She'll need a trim in late summer or early autumn. Just give her a good all-around snip with a pair of sanitised shears or scissors.

If you're planting her in one our 40cm pots, she'll need one of these 60L bags of multi-purpose compost.

Going the extra mile:

Container-grown Lauras may need a bit of fertiliser in spring. Give her some balanced organic feed and she'll be happy.

Need a pot? Fits great in:

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