Keep your houseplants alive with this free course

Looking after plants can seem really scary if you’re new to it, or have had a bad experience in the past. However, what we’ve learnt is that as you tend and nurture them, the relationship and companionship will begin to tend and nurture you, too.

Our video course, presented by Alice Vincent (@noughticulture), Telegraph journalist and author of How To Grow Stuff, will make you aware of everything you need to consider to keep your first houseplants alive. If you want to learn more at the end of the Level 1 course, check out Level 2 and remember that all Patch customers can get advice from our Plant Rescue Service if anything goes wrong.

Level 1

Level 2

Plant Care FAQ

  • Where should I start?
  • How much light does my plant need?
  • Am I watering my plant enough?
  • How do I make sure the humidity is right?
  • What about soil and fertiliser?
  • Should I trim – or ‘prune’ – my plant?
  • Should I change how I look after my plant during winter?
  • Why are my plant's leaves falling off?
  • Are my plants harmful if my pets or kids eat them?
  • Do I need to clean my plant?
  • Does my plant have bugs?
  • Should I re-pot my plant?
  • How do I propagate my plant?
  • How can I control the shape or direction that my plant grows?
  • Common plant illnesses and how to cure them
  • How to make natural pesticide, fungicide and fertiliser
  • Why are there different types of soil?