Alpine succulents

{ Sempervivum; House leeks; St Patrick's cabbage }


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About Serena

These little guys may be small but they are certainly big on looks! Originating from the mountainous regions of Europe, Alpine succulents, or Sempervivums, are ideal for small urban spaces as they will root down almost anywhere, whether it's a windowbox. between paving slabs or tiny gaps in the tops and sides of walls.


Current height including plastic pot: 10-20cm

Alpine succulents are evegreen plants that come in a variety of shapes, textures and colours as pictured above.


Lots and lots of light so as sunnier position as possible.


Too much water so make sure you plant them with lots of good drainage material - we love a mixture of sand and pebbles. Here's our easy how to guide on how to plant up your outdoor plants.

Looking after this plant

Alpine succulents are very easy to look after as they don't require much water, in fact, less is more. If they're very exposed to winter wet, try and move them to a more sheltered spot in winter if possible.

Living with pets and children