Valentine's Day Gifts

Give a gift that grows this Valentine’s Day. From the cute sweetheart plant Val, to the romantically heart-shaped Phil, our plants will last much longer than a bunch of flowers. Team any plant with a beautiful pot for a present that shows how much you care, every day of the year.

Hand-pick what you'd like

Valentine's Day Superstars

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your leaves. Rapunzel the golden pothos has irresistible green-and-yellow heart-shaped locks, which drape beautifully from a bookshelf, fridge or staircase.

Fleur the Anthurium flowers for 300 days a year — adopting her is like buying your loved one a bouquet every day.

Medea's flower buds will bloom in spring, adding an amazing pop of colour to your space.

Replace red roses with Aggie, the Red Chinese evergreen.

Her leaves look like little hearts and she demands very little attention. Val the sweetheart plant is the perfect gift for a loved one, or to yourself.

This rare and beautiful plant has spectacular foliage and happily, she's also very undemanding! The ideal combination.

Phil the Philodendron has been a main-stay in the houseplant team for generations, thanks mostly to his dramatic heart-shaped foliage.