Yucca Elephantipes

{ Spineless yucca; Stick yucca; Yukka }


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About Jay

An impressive plant with a strong form that stands well in its own space, Jay, our yucca, does well to add an assertive presence to your room. Although native to the high deserts of America and Mexico, the yucca can also thrive in any London postcode, just as long as the conditions are right.


Estimated height (including pot): 150-160cm

Our yucca will come in a 1.2L pot with a spread at base of 40cm. Yuccas are very slow growers in height although you can expect new leaf growth from Spring to Autumn.

Jay fits perfectly in our new 25cm plant stand!


A well-lit spot. Jay should receive full light throughout the year, i.e. never further away than 2m from a well-lit window. In the summer, feel free to pop him outside to encourage new growth.


Yuccas hate having their old leaves left on when they're better off removed. This can be done by gently pulling them off, rather than cutting them, thus allowing the plant to focus its energy on healthier leaves.

Health benefits

The extract from a Yucca's roots has many fabled health benefits - that being said, we wouldn't recommend gnawing away at Jay here.

Watering and feeding

Keep your yucca moist from Spring to Autumn but pare back on watering when temperatures are lower during Winter. Apply a fortnightly feed during the warmer months.

Living with pets and children

Yuccas contain 'saponins' which are poisonous to cats and dogs if ingested. However, there's very little appealing in the scent, taste or texture of a Yucca so there have been very few reported problems.

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