Hanging Cactus


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About Milligan

Milligan is certainly having a moment: catch her and her cacti cousins lining your favourite Insta plant-fluencer's shelves. This now-iconic house plant is a super star for good reason - she's super lax about care and requires minimal attention. Native to semi-arid areas in the Americas, her name - cactus' - means 'spiky plant whose identity is not certain' in Greek, which is pretty appropriate for the mixed variety we offer here.

Milligan is a hanging cactus, which means she comes in a pot with a hook -- pop her on a high-up shelf or stick her on a nail in the wall. If you just want a regular potted cactus, bop over to Milligan's brother, Spike. Note - our cacti are sold individually and come in a variety of spikey shapes, each with their own unique personality.

Quick Facts

Botanical name: Cactaceae

Plant type: Succulent / indoor

Toxic?: Non-toxic

Current Height: 30-40cm

Pro level: Easy

Nursery Pot Size: 14cm - repot every 2-4 years

How to care for Milligan (Hanging Cactus)

Though Milligan will tolerate shade, she'll be happiest in bright, direct sunlight -- try placing her near a south-facing window.

Milligan comes from the desert, after all, so she doesn't love being overwatered. Make sure to let her soil dry out between waterings. When it's shower time, water her from below by soaking the pot and allowing it to drain. You'll need to do this every week or two in spring and summer, and once every 15-20 days in winter and autumn.

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