Tradescantia Fluminensis Quadricolour

{ Spider Lily; Wandering Jew; Inch Plant }


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About Olivia

Olivia is a fast growing indoor plant, which is where her other nickname comes from - the 'inch plant'. In the right conditions Olivia grows around one inch per week!

Left to her own devices she can become 'leggy', i.e. gets long stalks without leaves, so when the stems get a bit long pinch them off.

Olivia the Spider Lily likes...

Careful Watering
Olivia hates her roots sitting in water, so only water her if the top inch of her soil is dry and make sure she doesn't sit in water.

Lots of light
Her ideal weather would be sunny spells. She'll thrive with a little bit of direct sunlight and lots of indirect light.

Top Tip
Olivia isn't fussy about humidity and can even take a little neglect in watering - so long as her lighting is right. Place her close to a window, or if you're in a south facing room then a few meters into the room.

Quick Facts

Botanical Name
Tradescantia Fluminensis Quadricolour

Wandering Jew; Spider Lily; Inch Plant

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/Baby safe
Very mildly toxic to pets and people

Nursery pot size

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