Festuca Glauca

{ Blue fescue }


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About Esther

Esther, whose bright blue tufts are hard to resist, works brilliantly in any contemporary urban garden to bring some textural interest or a vivid splash of colour.


Esther is an evergreen - or, rather, everblue - plant so will keep her azure colour throughout the year, with an Autumnal weave during colder months. Grown as compact tufts, she will grow very little (no more than 10cm per year) so she works well in combination as you see here.

Plant height: 20-25cm. Pot size: 2L


Esther is a sun worshipper so the more the better! She's happy in most soils, as long as they drain well. Perfectly content on windy sites.


Don't be alarmed if her colour fades a little in Winter months, but if this happens during the growing period then she's not getting enough sunlight.

Looking after this plant

The sheer spread of her tufts can sometimes prevent water from reaching the soil so check every now and again to make sure the soil remains moist.

We recommend planting one Esther every 20-25cm (i.e. three would fit neatly in a 60cm long trough). If she's to be planted in one of our troughs, she'll need one of these 20L bags of multi-purpose compost.

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