Caryota Mitis

{ Fishtail Palm }


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About Dorothy

This leafy beauty comes all the way from Southwest Asia, where she grows in mountainous areas across the region. She's since made her way across the pond, and you can find her growing happily in parts of Florida and Latin America.

She gets her nickname - 'Fishtail Palm' - from her ragged-edged, ribbed leaves, which grow in a brilliant dark green colour. We love that her wild, clustered foliage makes her look like she's having a delightfully bad hair day all the time.

Quick Facts:

Botanical name: Caryota mitis

Nickname: Burmese Fishtail Palm, Clustering Fishtail Palm

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / indoor

Toxic?: Non-toxic

Current height (including pot): 140-150cm

Pro level: Medium

Nursery pot size: 32cm - repot every 2-3 years


  • Dorothy would appreciate being in full light, so try placing her near a south-facing window

  • Keep Dorothy's soil moist (not soggy) at all times by watering her frequently, but never let her stand in water; after dousing her, discard of the runoff to avoid root rot

  • Dorothy doesn't love being in temperatures below 13 degrees, so make sure she doesn't get too cold

  • She really loves humidity, so hop over to our Care Guide for tips on how to increase moisture in the air

  • Dorothy loves being rootbound, so no need to repot her that often. Once she's completely outgrown her home (you notice her roots sticking out of her drainage holes), put her in a new pot with all-purpose compost. If you don't know how to repot your plant, check out the repotting lesson in our Care Guide.

  • Give her some slow-release fertiliser once a month during growing season (spring-summer)

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