Cactus Euphorbia

{ Candelabra Tree; Cactus Euphorbia; Cactus Spurge }

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About Ian

Native to southern Africa, cacti are typically found in sites that are subject to drought, and Ian here is no different. Ian's branches resemble a candelabra, hence his common name 'Candelabra tree'.


Estimated height: 90-110cm. Ian's stems will, by nature, vary in shape slightly but be will be consistent in height. He comes in three sizes below:

Plant height (including pot): 40-50cm; Pot width: 21cm
Plant height (including pot): 80-90cm; Pot width: 24cm
Plant height (including pot): 100-110cm; Pot width: 27cm

Even though Ian can rise up to 12m in the wild, he won't grow taller than 2m indoors, but considering his current height you can expect that not to happen for a good few years at least.

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Ian prefers bright direct sunlight so placing him within two metres of a south-facing window would be ideal.


Damp soil will make Ian rather unwell, perhaps irreversibly so. Be very moderate in your watering of him and make sure he's not stood in standing water.

Watering and feeding

Ian is mostly self-sufficient and easy to care for: he only requires watering every two weeks in summer, and every month in winter when he is dormant.

Living with pets and children

Be very careful around Ian and his spikes! His branches contain sap which can cause rashes, burns and can be very toxic if ingested.