Asparagus Fern

{ Asparagus Setaceus }


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About Gus

Gus is commonly known as an Asparagus Fern, but he's technically a member of the lily family. The 'asparagus' part of his name derives from new growth resembling tiny asparagus spears! His fine feathery leaves make a beautiful houseplant perfect for a shelf or countertop, but be careful of the little thorns hidden in his foliage


Estimated height (including pot): 20-30cm
Nursery pot width: 12cm


Gus grows best in bright indirect light and loves humidity so a bathroom or kitchen would be a great spot.


Direct hot sunlight will scorch his needle like leaves, whilst too much shade will cause yellowing.

Looking after this plant

Gus thrives in humid conditions so if you haven't got a humid spot he would appreciate a daily spritz with our mister. Water thoroughly and when his soil feels dry it's time to give him another drink. He likes a warmer climate so keep him away from cold drafts.

Living with pets and children

Gus is toxic if ingested and can cause skin inflammation if repeatedly exposed.