Christmas at Patch

Whether you like your Christmas tree tall and slim or short and bushy, we've got the perfect one for you. They're all non-drop, sustainably grown in the British Isles and we'll bring yours to your door with free standard delivery.

The Carbon Trust found that real trees are much more environmentally friendly than fake trees. A fake tree has a carbon footprint of roughly 40kg of CO2. A real tree's is only 3.5kg. So real trees are officially much better for the planet.

Need Christmas decorations, tree stands and gifts? We've got all those covered. The only thing we can't provide is your Christmas dinner.

Free standard delivery on orders over £50

With all the trimmings

Why Patch Christmas trees?

  • Unbeatable prices

    Our delivery service offers 4-hour slots in London so you don't have to stay in all day - and if you want decorations or gifts, we've got lots of those, too.

  • Free delivery and returns

    Standard delivery is free on all Christmas trees. If you aren't happy with the tree we deliver, we'll come and replace it - no questions asked.

  • Top quality

    Our non-drop Christmas trees are guaranteed for 3 days from the date of delivery. This year all our trees come from the British Isles, and for each one delivered, a tiny new one gets planted.

Christmas gifts that grow

Bring Christmas to life with our wide selection of plants, decorative pots, gift vouchers, and accessories.

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