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About Vinnie

Vinnie is a true rockstar of the plantworld and a fantastic choice for a small space. When colourful flowering plants are few and far between at the end of summer, Vinnie's sweptback flowers come to life in shades of dizzy pink, white and crimson and will be in flower right through until the early spring - a very welcome burst of colour.


Current height including plastic pot: 10-15CM
Maximum height: 10-15CM

Evergreen marbled green and white foliage beset with flower stalks between early autumn and early spring in pink, white and crimson.


Having his spent and fading flower stalks removed so he can focus his energy on new blooms.


Too much sunshine so keep him in spot that is either in full or part shade.

Looking after your plant 

Vinnie appreciates being watered on a regular basis whilst his flowers are in bloom and a regular deadheading session by removing spent and fading flowers. To deadhead them, simply remove the whole flower stalk, holding the stalk by the base - it should pop off in one fell swoop. After early spring, his flowers will stop blooming whilst he becomes dormant over the summer so you will be left with his marbled green and white foliage to admire!

Living with pets and children 

Mildly toxic if ingested

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