Ceramic pot with saucer


Why we love our ceramic pot with saucer

A secret saucer means this clever pot catches excess water but keeps its clean lines.

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About ceramic pot with saucer

This is a very smart pot. Both in looks and function. Made of glazed ceramic, it has a stylish shape, with a slightly flared rim. It also has a little secret. This pot comes with a saucer, to catch any excess water, but that saucer is hidden under the pot. Lift up the pot and there it is. 

The pot has a hole in the base, to allow your plant to drain freely, but we still recommend removing your plant from its decorative pot to water it. Water it in the sink, leave it to drain, then place it back in its pot. The saucer is there just in case of any escaping trickles. You can see our guide to watering here

Plants sold separately

How to pot your plant

Potting your plant is quick and dirt-free. Just pop your plant, in its nursery pot, directly into the decorative pot, as shown in the picture.