Variegated Euphorbia Cactus

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About Arnie

Arnie, our variegated euphorbia, is a handsome addition to any cactus collection, although equally eye-catching all on his own.

He likes bright light and to be watered only when his soil is fully dried out. To check how dry the soil is near his roots, stick a chopstick in the soil. If the chopstick comes out mostly dry, give him a good drink until the water escapes from the drainage holes, then pour off any excess.

Arnie the variegated euphorbia likes

Full sun
He's happier in a position of full sun, but he will also do well with bright indirect light.

A modest watering
He's not a big drinker but politely asks that you give him some water whenever his soil has fully dried out

Give him an occasional gentle wipe down to remove dust. Be careful of his spikes, though.

Top tip
This plant will be dormant in the winter months, so will only need light watering once a month or so until it warms up again.

Quick Facts

Botanical name
Variegated Euphorbia

Plant type

Air purifying

Plant height (including pot)

Pet/baby safe
No, he's spiky!

Nursery pot size