Tillandsia Usneoides

{ Spanish Moss; Old Man’s Beard; Spanish Beard; Tree Hair; Kali’s Hair }


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About Tamara

Tamara's a tricky one -- though she calls herself 'Spanish Moss', she's actually a bromeliad, and is more closely related to the pineapple than to grass. This epiphytic plant grows on large trees in the forests of Central and South America; hence her Indigenous nickname 'itla-okla', or 'tree hair'.

She's since become a super popular air plant in homes worldwide, and is loved for her wild, knotted foliage that looks like Santa's beard. Tamara's super easy to have around -- all she needs is the occasional spritz and a little light to thrive.

Quick facts

Botanical name: Tillandsia usneoides

Nicknames: Spanish Moss, Grandpa's Beard

Plant type: Epiphytic perennial / air plant

Plant Height: 30-50cm

Toxic?: Non-toxic

Pro level: Easy

Tamara does not come with a nursery pot, as she has no soil!

How to care for Tamara (Spanish Moss)

Tamara likes indirect but bright light at all times. Put her in a place where she can get a decent amount of sun, but won't get hit too hard by harsh UVs. A west- or east-facing window would be best

She won't be happy if she's too dry, so make sure you're misting her at least every other day with a plant mister. You can water Tamara by dunking her in water every week or so; to do this, just lay her down carefully in a dish or bowl and fill it with water. Let her soak it up for an hour, and then let her dry on the side.