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Satin Pothos

Most light conditions
Easy care

In spring and summer, give her a liquid fertiliser every month to help her make strong new growth.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Scindapsus pictus


Satin pothos; Silk pothos; Silver philodendron; Silver vine

Plant type

Climber, indoor

Air purifying


Plant height (including pot)


Pet/baby safe

Toxic if ingested

Nursery pot size


About satin pothos

Satin pothos is growing in popularity as a houseplant. It’s very similar in looks to our bestselling golden pothos, but with a speckled silver variegation on the leaves. It’s found in the wild in countries like Borneo, Thailand and the Philippines, where it can grow up to three-metres tall, winding its way up larger trees. If there’s not a tree handy, it will spread along the ground.

Despite being traditionally accustomed to warmer climes, it copes well in British homes. It hangs rather than climbs as an indoor plant, so give it a high spot where it can dangle. That said, there’s nothing to stop you training it up a wall. 

Because it’s used to growing in the shade of other trees, it’s very tolerant of most light levels. A superb choice for homes that don’t get a lot of natural light. It will also thank you if you give it a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer.

Did you know?

Despite its popular name, satin pothos is not a pothos at all. It just looks like one.

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