If you notice dust on their leaves, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth. Clean leaves absorb sunlight better.

Quick facts

Botanical name

Philodendron goeldii


Philodendron fun bun

Plant type

Evergreen; indoor

Air purifying?


Plant height (including pot)


Pet/baby safe?

Toxic if consumed

Nursery pot size


About Philodendron goeldii

This plant has the most fascinating leaves. They emerge as a whole leaf, but begin to separate into long fingers (or lobes, to use the technical term) as they mature. Even more amazingly, they grow in a spiral. That unusual growth pattern and architectural shape make it a great statement plant. A perfect centrepiece to an urban jungle or a focal point for a room.

In the wild, philodendron fun bun grows in the humid forests of Central and South America. It’s surprisingly easy to grow as a houseplant. It will do well in moderate shade, but prefers brighter light. 

Try to mimic its steamy wild home by misting it regularly to keep its leaves moist, and don’t let its soil dry out. It will also benefit from a monthly feed with liquid fertiliser in spring and summer. 

Did you know?

Philodendrons can grow in a huge variety of places. Most are found in forests, but you’ll also find them in swamps, roadsides and up mountains.

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