Hydrangea Macrophylla

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About Gia

Gia is a firm favourite at Patch. With elegant, spherical flowers that bloom throughout the summer, she's a classic and is a must-have in any English garden.


Our Gia arrives at about 50cm in height, in a 5-litre pot, with beautiful glossy leaves. She'll flower from May onwards. Her foliage will grow by roughly 20cm per year unless cut back, which we'd recommend doing in Autumn. She'll lose her leaves over Winter as she's deciduous.


Gia prefers a sunny spot but can also tolerate partial shade. She's happy in any soil but, fascinatingly, her colours can change depending on the compost you use. Ericaceous compost will encourage blue flowers, while more neutral, multipurpose compost will support pink flowers.


Not much. Gia's a pretty unfussy lady.

Looking after this plant

Plant Gia in a spot that benefits from full sun to partial shade. She needs regular watering in the growing season between Spring and Summer

Living with pets and children

Gia is best not eaten as she can cause mild stomach upset.

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