{ Wax Flower; Hoya Carnosa 'Tricolor' }

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About Otto

Hoya carnosa 'Tricolor' is a stunning variation of the Hoya family with variegated foliage in green, white and pink. Also known as "wax plant", her elegant star-shaped flowers are highly perfumed and bring a great fragrance to the room. Hoya is also very easy to grow and a great pick for those looking for a low maintenance plant.


Estimated height (including pot): 30-40cm; Nursery pot width: 15cm.

Estimated height (including pot): 40-50cm; Nursery pot width: 19cm.


Our Hoya Carnosa grows happiest in very bright indirect light, but do not leave her directly exposed to the sunlight.


Hoya Carnosa doesn't like to be overwatered so make sure you allow the top half of her soil to dry out between waterings. She's also not a fan of low to medium light and cold spots.

Watering and feeding

As a typical tropical plant, Hoya prefers room temperature water. Less is more, so wait until she gets dry on the top before watering again, and do not forget to dump the excess water out of the saucer beneath the container or decorative pot.

Hoya appreciates liquid fertiliser being applied every two weeks during spring, summer and fall to promote growth and increase chances of flowering.

Living with pets and children

The Hoya Carnosa has a milky sap that is best to keep out of reach of children and pets.