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About Hosanna

Hosanna is one of our garden heroes. Resilient to most weather conditions, low-maintenance, and pretty to boot, she's an all-around good egg. Hosanna's colour can vary quite a lot - she can come in anything from deep blue-ish emerald to a green so pale it's almost white, and usually with a striking white edging. The amount of sun she can tolerate depends on her colour - the lighter she is, the more sun she can take.

Hosanna can take up to eight years to reach her full maturity, and won't need to be dug up or transplanted in cold weather - this gal can take almost anything Mother Nature throws at her.

Hosanna was first brought over to Europe in the 1700s, and has been a fan favourite ever since. That's some serious staying power, and it's easy to see why.

Our Hosannas come in two colours: a darker-silvery green and a lighter green with white edging.

Quick Facts:

Botanical name: Hosta

Nicknames: Plantain Lilies

Plant type: Herbaceous evergreen perennial

Toxicity: Toxic to dogs and cats

Current height: 35-45cm

Nursery pot: 19cm

Pro level: Easy

How to Care for Hosanna

The basics

Generally happy in the shade, the amount of sun Hosanna needs depends on her colouring. The paler the leaves, the better she's able to handle sunlight.

She's fairly resistant to drought, so no need to over-water.

Make sure to keep her soil well-drained.

Going the extra mile

Fertilise her in the springtime with our plant food, to keep her looking good all year long.

She's pretty popular with snails and slugs, so make sure to use our slug control so that her leaves don't become dinner. Sprinkling some sand all around her can also help to ward off slimy critters.

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