Clematis Montana

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About Clem

Originating from China and the Himalayas, Clem is a super climbing plant that produces masses of pretty flowers from late Spring for about four weeks.


Clem is about 1.3m tall when she arrives, in a 20L pot, and rests against a helpful trellis frame. Unless pruned annually, she can reach heights of between 7 and 12m tall although, if kept in a pot, this growth will be constrained. As she's deciduous, don't be alarmed when she loses her leaves over Winter. Although she gives the appearance of being delicate, she is quite content in many aspects and environments, high up or down low, as long as she's not kept in too deep shade.


Happy in all aspects as long as she's not prevented from seeing some sunlight over the course of the day. Likes to stay cool and damp so either protect her soil from being scorched by planting some mid-sized neighbours nearby or be sure to keep her well watered. Climbing walls is thirsty work.


Clem needs some sunlight in her life. It doesn't need to be a huge amount – morning sun will do – but don't let her hide in the shade all day.

Looking after this plant

Try to keep her soil damp at all times. Pruning is vital after her flowering period ends at the beginning of Summer. Cut back all flowering stems by a few inches behind the spent flowers. This will keep her tidy and encourage a good show of flowers next year. Can be affected by small black flies (Aphids). If you spot these early, a spray of diluted washing-up liquid will do the trick.

Living with pets and children

Clem is non-toxic