Cherry Tomato Plant


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About Tommy

You say tomato, I say taMAto. Whatever you call it, we can all agree that juicy cherry tomatoes are undoubtedly delicious - and even better when they're grown at home.

Quick facts

Plant type: Evergreen perennial / outdoor

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Current height: 40 cm

Nursery pot size: 14cm

Pro level: Medium

How to care for Tommy (the tomato plant)

Tommy will be happy growing in a small pot or a larger container with some other friends - such as our other veg and herbs!

Just make sure to put him in a super sunny spot (he needs around six hours of sun per day) and make sure his soil stays consistently moist.

After a few weeks, you'll notice the tiny green baby tomatoes growing eventually turning to firm, red fruits - depending on the conditions and the individual plant the timing will vary. Once they've reached their maturity, pick them off and enjoy.

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