Chamaerops Humilis

{ Dwarf fan palm; Mediterranean fan palm; African hair palm }


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About Mae

Mae is an all-round people-pleaser, indeed she's been our most popular plant at Patch since we launched in 2016. Statuesque and easy-to-maintain, she is a superb plant for beginners and veterans alike.


Our Chamerops comes in three sizes below:

Plant height: 60-70cm. Nursery pot width: 18cm
Plant height: 90-100cm; Nursery pot width: 26cm
Plant height: 120-130cm; Nursery pot width: 30cm

Also known as a 'Mediterranean fan palm', Mae is an extremely undemanding plant that can thrive in almost any urban condition. She's tolerant of drought, wind and shade and will grow at a rate of about 4cm a year. When mature, she will grow short yellow flowers in the summer.


Mae is happiest on a site that enjoys at least a little sun and at least a little shade.


As you might expect for a palm tree, she's not too keen on damp sites. Mixing sand or gravel into your soil works well to help water drain away - here's a guide of how to best plant up your outdoor plants.

Looking after this plant

Water sparingly, especially during Winter. If she's to be planted in one of our 30cm pots, she'll need one of these 40L bags of multi-purpose compost.

Living with pets and children