{ African Lily; Lily of the Nile }

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About Aggy

Originating from the South African coastal cliffs, Aggy likes nothing more than feeling the sun shining down on him and the wind in his leaves, making him the perfect flowering plant for a sunny, windy spot such as a London balcony or terrace. Though his green foliage may play down his beauty, his strikingly beautiful white or purple/blue flowers will captivate you between July and September when they come into bloom.


Current height of Little White & Blue/purple Agapanthus including plastic pot: 40-50cm 
Current height of Big White & Purple Agapanthu including plastic pot: 120-140cm

Lush green foliage that gives rise to sturdy stems of white or blue/purple, tubular flowers between July-September.


Aggy is a sun worhsipper so place him in a sunny position. Due to his rocky upbringing Angus prefers to be planted in well drained soil so make sure you use a good drainage material.


Deep shade - so avoid planting him in it.

Looking after this plant 

Water regularly between March and April - enough to keep the soil moist whilst watering sparingly in winter. For the best displays of these showy flowers, feed fortnightly with this liquid fertiliser between July and September.

Living with pets and children

As a member of the toxic Lily family, Agapanthus is toxic to pets and children if consumed.

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