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Do I need to clean my plant?

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Do I need to clean my plant?

It’s worth cleaning your plant from time to time. Not only will this keep it healthier, but it also encourages you to check in with your green gang to spot any signs of ill health.

Dust on your plant’s leaves prevents sunlight from reaching them, which will affect their growth. It can also block the pores on the leaves, which suffocates the plant.

We recommend cleaning the leaves every month or so using a damp cloth. Plants with fuzzy leaves can be cleaned using a soft brush. While you’re doing this, take the opportunity to examine your plant for any signs of stress or disease. If there are dead, brown or yellowing leaves you can gently remove them, and trim brown leaf tips, making sure not to cut into the healthy part of the plant.

If you think cleaning the leaves will take ages (maybe you’ve got a plant with loads of leaves like Bertie, or a bigger one such as Rick or Big Ken) you can just pop your plant in the shower. Use tepid water to clean the leaves, making sure not to hold the shower head too close to your plant - the force of the water could upset them.