Florence Terracotta Pot

£16.00 - £32.00

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About Florence Terracotta Pot

A classic design that keeps the attention on your plant, our Florence terracotta pot features a clay pearling trim and a rustic finish.

Our Florence Terracotta pots are great at allowing your outdoor plant pals to breathe a little easier, due to their pourus material. This means that when watered or during rainier days your pots will have damp spots, this is nothing to worry about and these will dry up.

You may also notice some white forming on the outside of the pot, this is simply leftover residue from the salts and minerals carried in our water. It's completely harmless and can be wiped away with a cloth - or left if you like the extra bit of character to your pots.

Our Florence pots are frost-proof and have a hole in the base of the pot to ensure proper drainage. They come in two different sizes in both washed terracotta and warm grey.


20cm Diameter

30cm Diameter