Umbrella bamboo

{ Fargesia Murielae }


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About Inger

Inger is a superstar plant and a real gem when it comes to urban gardening - her dense upright canes, covered with fresh green foliage, will arch and sway happily in the wind, making her a brilliant privacy screen or wind break when planted or positioned in a line.


Current height including plastic pot: 100-125CM

Like her brother Boo, Inger is a non-invasive variety of bamboo and will therefore grow only within the parameters you give her - so perfect for a container.


Easy to please - will be grateful for sun and shade alike!


Drying out, especially in the first few weeks after planting so make sure to water daily in the drier months. 

Looking after this plant 

Bamboo likes well-drained soil so when planting out, make sure you use some drainage material - check out our easy planting guide here. Remove any dead or damaged stems in spring and feel free to trim back any unweildly growth between the spring and autumn.

Living with pets and children 

Inger is non-toxic.

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